Meet Billabong. We have a VERY complicated relationship. I still can’t understand if I hate him or love him. He looks this cute but he almost tried to kill me a couple of times - like… every day, every time I take him out for working…
He’s one damn crazy stallion and he acts like a demon sometimes (”a looot of times”). But I really admire him. While working I just want to make some Lasagna a La Billabong, but then I look at him - AND he looks to me like this -  and he melts my heart. :| Aaaand I’m pretty sure he does it on purpose.

Precisely an year ago a mare kicked his hand and he got it broken. The vet wanted to put him down (as they allways do). 3 Months later he was fine with a lot of strenght to walk by himself and after less then 6 months he started to trying to gallop. Right now he’s fine as if it never hapended.

He’s a fighter, a great jumper and a very special horse. But he’s still the demon who tries to kill me everyday. :3 And I won’t give up on him. (And I know I might die trying…)
God, please, give strenght to handle him! xD